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you want to see it, it's a big thing. big deal tonight. so check it out there. also, we would like for to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a miscreant. who loves that word? do know be a miscreant when writing to the factor. thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: this is a fox news aler. susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations were you her name from consideration to be the next secretary of state in a letter to president obama, rice wrote, quote, i am fully confident that i could serve our country ably and effectively in that role. however, if nominated, i am now convinced that the confirmation
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process would be leath -- lengthy, disruptive and costly to you and our most pressing national and international priorities and that is not worth it to our country. this comes in the wake of republican lawmakers, expressing opposition to her potential nomination because of comments show made five days after four americans were killed in a blatant terrorist attack in benghazi in september. ambassador rice blamed all the violence on a youtube video, when all the evidence showed this was absolutely not trough. president obama responded to the letter earlier today and said the attacks on ambassador rice in recent weeks have been both unfair and misleading. but get this, in typical fashion, nbc news jumped in to rice's defense and continued their false narrative that any criticism of her is not rooted in her false testimony, but racism, other dog whistle. watch this. >> i think that this had become sort of an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed, that
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she realized that, the white house realized it as well. i think they know they are on good political, solid ground, as you were pointing out. this is not going to help republicans at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of a confirmation process before she was nominated. joining me with reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. >> i am doing very well. i couldn't help but smile at the absurdity. the republican party did nominate colin powell, who became the secretary of state. they did nominate condoleezza rice, who became secretary of state. it would be hard to say that the senator who is had problems were doing so for either racial or sexual reasons. they have proven the willingness to work with african-americans of both male and female. i think it would not be a bad idea for president obottoming --
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obama to see if colin powell would come out of retirement and that mib a bipartisan step to move us in a direction of a different kind of dialogue that we are going to get, if we stay with left-wing policies? it's interesting. the evidence was overwhelming. it was inconvertible in this particular case, but democrats -- the campaign never stops. there is no time for governing here, whatsoever. it seems that they want to humiliate, crush, divide and hurt the republican party. am i wrong, as i observe the fiscal cliff and the attacks that never end -- war on women, never ends? >> you know, i was a big fan and very, very impressed with coach wooten's use of the full-court press at ucla. one of the most remarkable basketball dine see -- dynastien history, if you are running against a full-court press, you
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better run against the full-court press. a chicago-style machine is trying to establish a permanent 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year campaign. we better learn how it cope with and how to be involved with it. the fact is, in the case of ambassador rice, she is the person who has a grievance with the president. she was sent out by the president to say things that were false. she was used for five shows in one sunday to tell the american people something that was not true. and i think if she has a complaint with anybody, it ought to be with president obama who sent her out there, using her politically, even though she was the u.n. ambassador. >> sean: you always have an interesting take on the events of the day. we have all of these incidence of violence -- up on, we see the left and the g-8 and g-20 summits. we see steven crowder, punched in the face, a tent knocked down. i want to get your take on all of this because the silence from
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president civility is deafening here because they are his allies after all. he has some sway with sthem. >> in a number of cases, particularly with the threats of violence in michigan, i would hope that the governor of michigan would call on the president to ask his allies to behave in a civil and decent matter. there is no justification for people threatening violence. i think one of the state senators in michigan said that there will be blood. what kind of comment is that from an elected official? why is it being tolerated? i think the networks and the new york times and others have a real obligation to cover union violence when it occurs and not hide it. so i think you are raising a good point and it's one that we should be addressing and demanding that the president call on his allies to exercise discipline and civility. >> sean: all right. do you remember during the tea party rallies, you were speaking about the media. the media would search high and low and they would be looking
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for... something negative that the tea party movement was saying, usually, they were kids on their dad's shoulders and patriotic speeches, singing the pledge of allegiance and leave the place cleaner than when they found it. i ask you through this prism, as we compare this to the tea party, now, there was a vendor in the tent, a hotdog guy, been working there for 16 years. i interviewed this man on my radio program. they ruinedded his equipment and knocked over his food. >> they trampled the tent and everything i had. they were under the tent, tables, hotdog, hotdog buns, hotdogs, chili, all of my utensils and then they were saying, okay, make a chili dog now. everything's on the ground. they called me the "n" word -- >> wait. they called me -- you on the
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wrong side. i explained to them, sean, that i was there to do a job, prosperity hired me to do a job. that's why i was there. i am not here and i am not on that side. i am just here. so it really didn't make a difference to those guys? >> you were hired to do a job, so they purposely started destroying your equipment, calling you the "n" word and ungle tom? >> they didn't care. they didn't care. >> sean: the media didn't cover the violence. if this was a tea party rally, what would the reaction be in the media? >> well, you know what it would be. this is part of the total bias of the modern media in protecting the left every way it can. i would hope that a couple of conservative lawyers listening to that on your radio show would offer to represent him pro bono and file a suit for damages against the people, because i suspect there are pictures of who they are. i suspect they're vulnerable to
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being sued. i think we need to learn to use the left's own techniques against them. but we have to be much more aggressive, in raising the issue of violence on the left and in demanding that it would be policed, the people would be arrested when necessary and that the president has a role to play here and calling on his own allies to exercise restraint and to be disciplined and recognize the rule of law. >> sean: how do you interpret up on, this labor violence, the g-20 summit. how do you interpret that, coming from the left? and the language of the left, which neither -- neither you or i would ever get away with. >> i think that what you have is a movement on offense which is desperately trying to change america and tries to browbeat and ridicule and intimidate the rest of us into putting up with anti-democratic oppression by very militant, small groups. i think we have to prove that we are prepared when necessaries to
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use the police, we are prepared when necessary to file lawsuits. and we are not -- we are going to go after them. >> sean: these are two big losses for the president. i mean, president, big supporter of big labor, went there the day before. and the legislature, you know, passed right to work, which by the way, ends legalized stealing -- not rank-and-file members, i am talking about the union leadership. they shouldn't be spending rank-and-file monopolitical cam paibs. susan rice, the president tried to stand up for her and that didn't work either. this shwe interpret that as it relates to negotiations with the president? >> well, look, i think the negotiations are something to talk about. but what we are seeing is the natural balance of things. president obama won a victory. it was a big victory, an impressive victory. i didn't think he could do it. having won that victory, though, now woe are back to reality. the long-term trend in america is towards greater productivity, less unionism, public reaction
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against compulsory unionism and the ambassador rice misled the entire public, and she couldn't withstand the striewtny of having lie to the american people. >> sean: we have some of barack obama's best friends, those who lecture us on the need to pay more taxes. they are finding tax shelters in bermuda and some of them are using every loophole imaginable. one of them is warren buffett. we will get your take on that. and later, would you get your job back if you were caught -- there you go -- moking weed at work and drinking? these men did. their unions helped them. we will show you that, coming up next. i'm nora. and i'm nate. and this is our emergen-c. [ nora ] when you run your own place, you can't miss a day. so we rely on emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support plus energizing b vitamins, our regulars know we're sure to be there. get your free sample at stay healthy, and feel the good. till you finish your vegetables.
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>> sean: you may be shocked to learn that one of barack obama's richest and most high-profile supporters is not paying his fair share in taxes. once again, we are seeing liberal hypocrisy in display. the net worth of the google director is worth $18 billion. despite being an obama donor and serving on the council of advisers on science and decknology, mr. schmitt falls into the category of do as i say, know as i do. here's why. in recent days, his company, google, has made headlines, for not exactly paying their fair share. schmitt, at the helm of the company when according to a
6:15 pm
report by bloomberg news, google avoided $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011, shifting $9.8 million in revenues into a bermuda shell company, almost double the total from years before. while the report notes that the money was moved legally, this seam seems like a direct contradiction to president obama's non-stop lectures about corporate greed and paying your fair share. mr. schmitt has said, he's proud of his tax moves. more interesting, he was rumored to be at the top of the president's cabinet recruiting class for a second term. though he preemptively declined an offer, possible positions were secretary of the treasury, even the secretary of businesses. here we have the president's billionaire buddy at google, helping to shelter his company's money in a shell company in bermuda to avoid paying his fair share and he is being considered for a cabinet post.
6:16 pm
joining me is former speaker of the house newt gingrich and presidential candidate newt gingrich. and warren buffett, forbes magazine has a piece about him -- massive amounts of tax dollars he is not paying because he is using every loophole imaginable, not to pay. a little ironic. >> i think the house republicans ought to pass the google/buffett tax bill, providing that every american should have access to at least as many deductions and loopholes as warren buffett and eric schmitt. we should take advantage of liberals being human and trying to protect themselves and simply suggest that everybody else ought to be the same right. and i think that should be part of of our answer to president obama's constant demand for higher taxes. these are his allies, doing what they -- it is legal. and so we should try to extend that legality to the middle class. i think -- it would be very
6:17 pm
educational to suddenly call a hearing and ask people like warren buffett to come in and educate the whole country on how the middle class could use every loophole to avoid paying taxes. >> sean: this was on national review online, 36 of president obama's executive office staff owe $$830,000 in back taxes. why do i think if it was you or me -- made a model citizen before the nation -- i think there would be a double standard in handling some of that. >> well, this is an essential part of the conservative argument about big government. big government's inherently unfair t. inherently has advantages for friends and inherently takes care of insiders, creating a system, which is the opposite of the rule of law and the opposite of a free society. that's why conservatives have argued for smaller government
6:18 pm
because these things are almost inevitable because people who have power take care of themselves and they take care of their friends? >> sean: i have been waiting for the house leadership, there has been a lot of fighting, tea party conservatives say they have been purged from their committees and the negotiate -- the negotiations with the president -- your advice was, pass a series of bills. they haven't done that yet. do you think they have time to do that? >> sure, they have time to do it. but they have been caught up in, i being, a losing proposition. they are not going to get a real agreement out of barack obama before the end of the year. he just won an election. he is feeling like he is dominant wharkts japanese used to call victory disease. he is making outlandish suggestions, such as eliminating the debt ceiling permanently, so the president could run up any level of deficit that he wants to.
6:19 pm
this is a good time for the house to pass, i would pass two bills, a complete extension of every single tax cut and pass an extension of every pass cut except the top. pass both of them. send them to the senate and say, we are not dealing with anything else. we are not playing games. we want to make sure the middle class doesn't face a tax increase. you pick. you pass something. get it done. but now it's up to the democrats in the senate and the president. you are now responsible for the middle-class tax increase. >> sean: i have a name for the bill. i want to see if you can come up with a better one. i hate when you top me, but if it's better, i go along with a good idea. how about the stop stealing from our kids and grandkids bill of 2012? >> that's the spending bill. that comes next. >> sean: no, no, i want that -- spending -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's my point. there are two steps here. i think it is helpful for the republican party to make very
6:20 pm
clear it does not want taxes to go up on working americans. and i think they have been out manufactured by obama. they need to get past that and make clear, we don't want taxes for the middle class to go up. second, they need to make sure that we have a big fight over our children and grandchildren and that starts january 3. >> sean: we will be back after our christmas vacation and we will be back fighting on the same thing. mr. speaker, good to see you, thank you. coming up, they were cute cam remarks drinking, smoking pot on their lunch break. guess what? they were quickly fired. but now they have their jobs back. what happened? where did they work? why did they get rehired? and harry belafonte has last and sound advice for the president. you are not going to believe what he thinks obama should do with the dissenters and meet the family of a brave marine, iraq/afghanistan war hero, in jail in mexico and has been since august. and the obama administration hasn't helped him yet.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." one may think that drinking alcohol and smoke marijuana on the job would be reason enough to get fired. it is not the case when it comes to -- surprise, surprise -- union members.
6:25 pm
you may remember the detroit auto workers, fired when they were caught red handed with extra curricular activity. after digging through their big-labor contracts, they got their dismissals reversed. so symbolic of what is happening in detroit, lack of accountability and overwhelming sense of entitlement, which is declining the city, which is headed for bankruptcy. of 563,000 people over 16 who are eligible to work, 250,000 of them, or 46%, do not have a job in detroit. in fact, they are not looking. if that is not enough, out of 264,000 households in the city, almost 100,000 of them, 35% now have to rely on food stamps. joining me with the reaction to the decline and perhaps the preview of what may become of many other u.s. cities from the daily caller and will a fox news contributor. welcome to you both.
6:26 pm
i want to be clear. i spent over a decade working in the restaurant business and in construction business. every job imaginable. this is not about workers to me. i respect the hard work -- i don't care if people join a union. they shouldn't be forced to, which is my case. with that said, when you look at a city like detroit and the decision like this -- they're smoking pot. they are drinking, how did they get their job back? if i did that eye am outta here. >> well, obviously, it's troubling if workers -- what they do on their recreation time affects their workplace. >> sean: look at this. they are drinking heavily. they are smoking weed, going back to build our cars. that's not problematic for you? >> conceptually it's problematic, without knowing anything pleasure i have seen. but on the logic picture, which you started out with, the american workers, the envy of the world. automotive industry is the envy of the world.
6:27 pm
so i think that the problems in the workplace are problems that detroit is in a situation that other cities have found themselves in. new york city was on life support at one point. but it came back. i think that the american workers, they will work through this period with their government. >> sean: they lost half the population of detroit. you heard the statistics. they are bulldozing entire neighborhoods because half the population's gone, to consolidate services. they lost all of those car manufacturing jobs, the unions partly responsible? leadership? >> the auto industry is not the envy of the world. i love this country -- i wish it were. we have -- look, a lot of great people in union, i worked in a union factory in college. i can tell you, because you are union, it doesn't mean you are a bad employee. but many mide yoker employees are protected by the unions and this hurts unions.
6:28 pm
there is a reason, detroit, one of the birth places of the labor union became a right-to-work state -- because of nonsense like this. it is self-discrediting, to protect people who are working with heavy machinery, getting high on their brake breaks. >> even if you accept that reasoning -- which i don't - even if you accept that reasoning, it isn't that the situation in detroit is going to lead to the decline of american cities? >> why can't you look at something as basic as that say you have to fire those guys. they don't reflect every worker. as a matter of fact, good workers, their name and reputation is hurt because of scenes like this and people seeing this. >> i am saying ownership, the management and the ownership entered into into an agreement with the workers and set up a process, it didn't work out-- but why are there all of these -- to tucker, look at mississippi and tennessee and alabama. all of these states, guess what? now they are building cars --
6:29 pm
>> of course, they are. >> sean: and in india and other countries. >> unions don't help -- some unions do -- a lot of unions have sold out their own workers. you see depressed wages because of low-skill immigration, supported by the unions, for reasons that are not clear at all. at the behest of the democratic party, for which they are the most faithful get-out-the votes. truly-- now, we have this violence take place, you saw the video and if it was a tea party member, i talked to the hotdog guy, who will be on greta later tonight -- and i just played him with newt gingrich, using the "n" word -- the "n" word was use the against him. he was called an uncle tom. his equipment was ruined. his food was knocked over. if this happened in a tea party rally, not a labor rally, it would be front-page news and the left would be having a fit. how does this happen, up on
6:30 pm
violence? g-20 summit, violence. labor movement, violence this week. no prominent liberal speaks out. >> i am a product of the social justice movement for civil rights, a nonviolent movement you? >> are right. >> those who came out for nonviolence, violence was visited upon them. they have to be prepared to pay the consequences for being nonviolent. when people break the law, they have to go to jail. whether the media-- but if a tea party member used the "n" word again a guy-- the big labor -- no reports on any major networks. >> i am not for it under any circumstances. i never condone the "n" word-- ruined his equipment. >> but the other thick that was mentioned that has to be responded to, the role of unions in civil right, child labor law, workplace safety and over-- last question -- is it wrong to say to people, you can't work unless you join the union, pay dues and that money is used for
6:31 pm
political -- >> if it goes through the democratic process and is passed by elected officials and the workers, yes. >> sean: you are not pro-choice? >> i am for organized labor. >> sean: wow. so that force people -- take their money -- >> protect the rights of workers in america. >> sean: licensed stealing. >> protect the rights of workers in america who, have been in every instance, when there isn't regulation, they get abused. >> sean: thanks. appreciate it. still ahead, media mash. we count the many ways that the media bias is on display. also, harry belle fobty -- harry belafonte is launching idiotic comments, offering president obama advice. and you won't believe what the espn analysts are saying about the redskinnings quarterback, rg3, robert griffin iii. we have the tape, coming up. straight ahead.
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>> >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." even though 50 million americans voted against president obama, his supporters cannot seem to comprehend why he is receiving such opposition to his radical agend a. harry belafonte has downright disturbing advice, how obamga should deal with the senators. he was asked about republicans pushing reform to the count re's broken entitlement system. believe it or not, this is what he said. >> plenty of american people in their maturity declared fully, we want what barack obama is talking about. we want our country to go in that direction. what fascinates me is in the face of millions of americans expressing their desire, the whole political establishment defining its game that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to barack obama and i
6:37 pm
don't know what more they want. the only thing left for barack obama to do is to work and dictate to the world and throw all of these guys in jail. they are violating the american desire. >> sean: yeah, throw 'em in jail. president obottom aact like a dictator. joining me with the reaction, kimberly guilfoyle and tara dowdell is here. this is the same belafonte who said of nelson mandela. we salute you. we want to see you and your fellow political prisoners freed. reaction? >> well, i think that harry belafonte was saying had he said in jest-- in jest? >> he was joking around. he didn't mean it-- i have a whole list of things he said in jest. >> you have the list of him criticizing president obama, which he did. >> sean: comparing the rosenbergs to political
6:38 pm
prisoners and the bush administration and the dhs to the gastopo and -- >> he criticized obama too and jay-z. >> sean: cop killer -- i mean, how extreme can you get? >> well, i think-- you don't seem fazed at all. >> he was saying it in jest-- every dumb thing -- >> everybody started laughing-- i say dumb things in jest, people start campaigns to stop me. >> they do. because they know you are not kidding. he is preparing for a role. this is a script hais unbelievable. when he was criticizing president obama it's because he wasn't chovez enough -- it wasn't far socialist or liberal enough. he is quite serious about what he is saying. this is the direction that he believes the country should be going. he seems to describe a plurality that didn't want president obama
6:39 pm
to be re-elected and outright rejected his liberal agenda. but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears or harry belafonte's not listening. >> sean: do you like rg3 as much as i do? i am a jets fan. so he was impressed with him, as a person? >> right,. >> sean: as an individual, isn't he amazing? >> he is. >> sean: he was once asked about who he fears, he said god. i fear god. >> good answer. >> sean: good person. good heart. good soul. here's what espn -- >> this is terrible. >> sean: this analyst had to say about him. rob parker. listen to this. >> my question, which is just a straight, honest question, is he a corn ball brother -- >> what does that mean? >> yeah, explain that. >> he's not really. >> he's black. but he is not down with the cause. he is not one of us. he is kinda black. but he's not really the guy you want to hang out with -- >> why is that your question?
6:40 pm
>> because that's how i want to find out about him. i don't know because i keep hearing these things. he has a white fiancee and all of this stuff about he is a republican -- there is no information at all -- i am trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue. >> sean: he doesn't have the issue. >> that's crazy. it's awful. a hate-filled speech. those are racist comments. he has a white fiancee, he's a republican. he wants to disavow and say he's not african-american. it's very strange behavior and really rude. >> sean: reaction? >> i am in shock for two reasons. number 1, i think his comments were terrible, to criticize a man for having a white fiancee. awful. i am shocked because i agree with you, sean hannity. this is a breaking news alert! tara dowdell agrees with sean hannity. its comments were way out of line -- and it has nothing to do with sports? >> an honest disagreement with
6:41 pm
susan rice because she knew -- we knew that this was not related to youtube. she said it five times. it's a war on women and it's racism. this is an ongoing false narrative about republicans. i am sick of it because i don't know conservatives that are racist. i don't. they might be some. they are not friends of ours. they are not in the republican party and if they are, i want them out. i am getting fed up and sick and tired of it. nbc is the worst. they play the race card every single day there. >> okay. now see, this is where you lose me. i was with you, i was with you, sean. no. here's my thing. i don't think this is a narrative being pushed. what john mccain said about susan rice and remember the context. susan rice had no role and responsibility-- she knew within -- >> wait, wait-- within hours. >> she had no role and responsibility. why is john mccane more upset with her-- he is more upset with the president. >> he is more upset with the
6:42 pm
president. he said, let's have a full hearing. >> sean: we have to go. you are yelling in my ear. it's terrible. thank you. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: up next, media mash with brent bozel and the worst examples of liberal media bias. we need to help this man in the picture. an ex-marine, a here fro iraq and afghanistan, being held in a mexican prison. he has been there since august, being detained for trying to register -- in other words, he went in and tried to register in mexico. where is the obama administration to get this guy free for christmas?! straight ahead. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." welcome back to media mash. this week, the liberal media news couldn't help their left-wing bias with the right-to-work legislation. here to explain it, none other than the president of the media
6:47 pm
research center, brother bozel. how are you? >> brother, hannity, how are we doing. >> sean: doing good. we have all of this unfold. steven crowder, punched, not provoking anybody. we have all of this violence -- none of the networks covered. it there is a guy who was there, 16 years, has a hotdog stand in lansing, who was fired from americans for prosperity. he discusses how he was called the "n" word and all of these horrible nams and described how they ruined his equipment. listen to this. >> what happened? walk us through what happened the other day when they collapsed that tent? >> well, i set up around 10:00 a.m. everything was going pretty good. 10:30, i started to serve hotdogs. and i was probably 11:30, maybe a quarter to 12, two guys came in, one had a -- like a halloween devil's mask on.
6:48 pm
the other one had a ski mask on. but i thought it was a prank, everybody was having fun. but anyway, so i gave them a hotdog. everybody had to have a ticket. so they had tickets. so i gave them a hotdog h. they got through eating their hotdog, they went to the right and turned over the -- [inaudible] and the protesters were tearing the tent down. so the groundskeeper, he came in and said, clint, you have to get out of here. they are tearing the tent down. >> sean: all right. i mean, then they called him the "n" word, right to his face. reaction? why didn't the media cover that? >> i think your viewers need to think about two things. one is, remember the hundreds of stories that we have watched since 2009 about the menacing nature of the tea party and all the accusations made about the tea party. never mind that there was no evidence ever to back up the "n" word with the tea party or gabby giffords or the batman shooting in colorado, all of these things
6:49 pm
that were attributed to the tea party. none of it was true. this is a media was obsessive about the need for civility in the american public conservation. okay. now the tables are turned and have you outright violence -- and-- and racism. >> you know, basically, sean, what is key here is that reporters were there. that scene is crawling with journalists. they are all there. they are seeing it with their own eyes. it is not like they missed the story and noble -- nobody told them about t. they were there and they saw it. still, they withheld it from the public. >> sean: so there was no reference in the mainstream media to the violence that occurred. you rightly point out that they were there. we decided to go back and we did a search. you have 100% peaceful movement, known as the tea party. they searched high and low. they coned find racism or
6:50 pm
violence. that's not how they portrayed it. listen to this. >> a year-long debate that has been rancorous and mean from the start, turned even nastier yesterday. demonstrators, protesting the bill, poured into the halls of congress, shouting kill the bill and made in the ussr. >> opponents of the bill have been out today. some of them pulled out all the stops, protesters, roaming washington, yelling slurs and epithets. >> when hamas or bez bola does it, it's called terrorism. why should republican lawmakers on behalf of the health care industry be viewed any differently, especially now that far too many tea party protesters are calling president obama and the health care reform to hitler and the holocaust. >> sean: mean, yelling, slurs and epithets, which they could not produce because there was a $1 hundred,000 reward. >> it's time for the tea
6:51 pm
party --ime serious -- to consider demstraigdzs in front of nbc and in front of abc and the new york times, never mind the mall. go to the networks. it is time for there to be a national outrain against what they are doing. >> sean: thanks for being with us. when we come back. there is a family that needs your help. this marine is being held right now and he has been since august in a mexican prison. he tried to legally register an antique rifle. he was en route to costa reek a. he has been locked up four months. mexican authorities refuse to release him. his parents join me next. you can help them. the last min. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps
6:52 pm
block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. the red cross was down here all the time. [ man ] they've given us a lot of heart. in times of need, they're there. ♪ [ kerry ] my dad was watching his house burn. he turned around, and all of a sudden, therwas this guy standing there from the red cross. at a point where i had just lost everything,
6:53 pm
the idea that there was someone there... that's an amazing thing. ♪
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6:55 pm
>> sean: now a road trip turned into a nightmare for a brave marine who briefly served in both afghanistan and iran. here's what happened, 27-year-old john hammer was en route to costa rica for a surfing trip to help deal with his post traumatic stress disorder when he was caught with an antique shotgun. he was told that when he crosses the border, he should register it in mexico. but this turned out not to be the case o. august 20, when he tried to register the gun, legally, when he crossed the board -- border, he was arrested
6:56 pm
and charged with carrying a deadly weapon and thrown in jail. now, here it is, four months later, he is still sitting in a notoriously dangerous prison and until a couple of days ago, he was chained to a bed. and his parents have been told that they would kill his son unless they wire thousands of dollars to an account. they are demanding that their son be released and you might be able too help them. here are the patients, olivia and john. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> sean: he served in iscprak afghanistan. has ptsd. he tried to get help, going on vacation. he gets to the american border. he tells them he has the gun, right, olivia? >> right. >> sean: okay. >> he disclosed it with the u.s. customs side. they took pictures and weighed it and they gave him a
6:57 pm
registration paper to take to the mex concustoms. >> sean: he is supposed to hand that to the mexican officials as he was told to do. is that what happened? >> right. >> sean: okay. what happens next? >> he was immediately arrested. they declared the weapon and he was immediately arrested? he is declaring the weapon, not like he is trying to smuggle this thing into mexico. they arrest him. this is back in august! what happened since then? and what is the status, how can we help get your son home by christmas? >> after they arrested him... he got a call from the u.s. consulate that he had been arrested. then, a couple of dayings after that, he got a call from someone who said, this is not about the police... we have your son... if you don't wire $1800 to a
6:58 pm
western union account, we are going to kill him. here he is. this is -- listen to him. talk to him. and so, we talked to him. and we said, how? we don't -- i don't know -- i am not sure about western union. he said, we will call you back with an account number. >> sean: this corruption had to be happening within the mexican jail. >> that was inside -- it was inside the prison, yes, because -- then we called the consulate and told them what was going on, as we are trying to figure out the western union account number. and they said, well, we are on it. we are going to call the prison officials and get to the bottom of it and have him isolated. >> sean: olivia, i know that barack obama doesn't really listen to me. but this might be an opportunity for him to step up, tell the mexican government, release this kid. an american hero, who has been
6:59 pm
suffering in this prison since august. what's the status and how can people help you? >> we are just asking for everyone to talk to their lawmakers. >> mean eye would make a personal plea to the president to contact, you know, this new incoming president enrique of mexico and just ask him to resolve this case and send him home. this has gone on too long. it's a ridiculous case. i think they know it's a ridiculous case. because it was an accident. it is a case that they are -- their own military has sent letters to the judge and it is prosecutors saying this gun is want on the restricted list that is trying to restrict, you know assault rifle, essentially. they are aking, this isn't anything like this. and the prosecutors and the judges have refused to co

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